Removing Smoke Odour

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Cigarette smoking was more common a few generations ago. There was a lot of carpets, curtains and upholstery affected by the odour of smoke back then, but it largely went unnoticed as people were quite used to the smell of tobacco. These days the smell of any smoke is rare; but when it does occur it is hard to ignore. Removing this smell is healthy and pleasing.

One of the great issues with smoke is that it knows no boundaries. Spills tend to be confined to one area of the floor where they remain isolated. But smoke is not confined by gravity, and can find its way behind curtains and into small corners. Anything that absorbs smoke will tend to retain the smell. Removing the smell is both a matter of finding all the affected areas and of applying the right techniques.

Cigarette smoke-
– Liberally sprinkle carpets and furniture with baking soda. Curtains will have to be removed and washed. These can be treated with baking soda if necessary.
– It desired some lavender, vanilla or other scent can be added to the baking soda.
– Leave the baking soda on the surface for at least 24 to 48 hours.
– Sweep and then vacuum away the baking soda and dispose of it.
– Let the room air out for a day or two. Open windows and use fans.
Hard floors should be cleaned with diluted ammonia. Always keep areas ventilated when using ammonia.
Wipe down all other hard surfaces with diluted white vinegar.

Other Smoke
Other types of smoke tend to be more extreme that the smell of tobacco. Using baking soda sometimes works. Else, you can use a professional ozone generator.

Ozone generators break down the molecules that cause almost all odours, but they are unsafe for living creatures. If using an ozone generator the house should be left unoccupied. The house doors and windows should be shut, and any people or pets should leave the house while the ozone generator is left to work. After several hours the ozone generator should be deactivated and the house should be ventilated again. Any smell of smoke should be removed.

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