Avoiding Bad Products

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Many chemical are allowed in cleaning products that would otherwise not be allowed into our home. Most products are of little concern, but the one or two products that cause issues can make all the difference to our long and short term heath.

This irritates eyes and damages red blood cells. It is quite deviously included in many green ‘environmentally friendly’ products.

Heavy Duty Oven Cleaners.
Perhaps there is a safe oven cleaning aerosol out there, but we have yet to find it. The chemicals in these cleaners are really corrosive, which is where their too-good-to-be-true cleaning properties come from. Do you really want to use these chemicals in the same oven where you cook your food?
Ovens can be cleaned with baking soda and vinegar; Google for advice. Cleaning spills as they occur, and frequently cleaning the oven in general, will make the oven cleaning task much easier.

Safety Goggle Products.
Anything that requires you to protect your eyes is probably too strong to be safely used. Find an alternative cleaner.

Mixing Products
Chemistry is complex and best left to those who have the right qualifications. It can literally be life threatening to mix ammonia with bleach or vinegar – the resulting gas is highly toxic.

General Problems.
Be rid of anything that might be causing irritation. Even if the effects seem to dissipate quickly the product is probably causing long term harm.

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