How to Wax Furniture

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Wooden Furniture should already be sealed with Varnish, Polyurethane, or Shellac. Wax is not a finish in itself, but something used to make the underlying finish shine. We wouldn’t wax the bare metal of a car! We wax the immaculate paintwork.

always good clean
  • Rub the furniture with a clean cloth. Some people like microfiber cloths for this. Ay dust left on the surface will ruin the wax finish.
  • Add wax to a clean microfiber cloth (not one used for the dusting!). Apply the wax thinly in small areas using circular motions. Avoid thick layers as they will look poor when dried. You need not need to follow the patterns of the wood grain
  • Wax should take about 20 minutes to dry, depending on the moisture in the air. Check an inconspicuous area of the furniture; the wax should not be tacky.
  • When dry, buff the wax with a very soft cloth, the softer the better. Simply buff in a circular motion. When the surface does not get any shinier, you can stop.
  • Wooden furniture works well with ‘paste wax’ or ‘finishing wax’, though other waxes will indicate if they are appropriate for wood.


Where necessary, use cushions, doilies or other materials to prevent the furniture from being scratched.

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